About CBI MSR (2010.10.19)
What`s the CBI Molecular Structure Report (CBI MSR)?

  The CBI Molecular Structure Report publishes papers reporting hitherto unknown crystal structures of organic molecules determined by single crystal X-ray crystallography.

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Starting 2010: On line version!
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ONLINE submission begins May 1 (Sat), 2010
Author benefits:
  • rapid and simple online-submission of manuscripts in English
  • strict but constructive editorial support, rapid peer review system
  • rapid publication of accepted papers
  • low submission fee of 5,000 JPY (ca 50 USD) per paper
  • open-access via J-Stage(http://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/en/)(free availability for everyone worldwide)
  • data deposition at CCDC Cambridge

  The Editors give priority to papers presenting the accurate structure determination of hitherto unknown crystal structures of organic molecules. The papers reporting molecules of special interest from the points of molecular design are welcome. The molecules covered in this journal are as follows:

  • drugs, their metabolites, and their derivatives
  • natural products and their derivatives
  • toxic chemicals and pollutants
  • functional organic molecules, such as dyes, organic semiconductors and so on
  • agricultural chemicals and veterinary medicines
  • organic molecules used for diagnosis

The Editors look forward to receiving your manuscripts via ONLINE SUBMISSION.

Editorial Committee Members

Editor in Chief
  Noriaki Hirayama Tokai University
Editorial Board
  Katsuyuki Aoki Toyohashi University of Technology
  Haruhiko Fukaya Tokyo University of Pharmacy & Life Science
  Toshimasa Ishida Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  Chizuko Kabuto Tohoku University
  Yasuyuki Kitagawa Showa University
  Tamiko Kiyotani Showa Pharmaceutical University
  Kiyoaki Tanaka Nagoya Institute of Technology
  Kenji Yoza Bruker AXS