Poster Award
CBI2008       Award for the Best Poster

P0-05 Yoshitake Cho
DEC is a nuclear receptor co-repressor
P1-12 Hajime Sugiyama
A New Method for Prediction of Protein-Ligand Interactions by means of Knowledge Based Potential
P2-03 Masahiro Matsumoto
Theoretical study of protoporphyrinogen IX oxidation mechanism in protoporphyrinogen oxidase
P4-02 Yutaka Nakachi
Identification of Novel PPAR gamma Target Genes and Response Elements by Integrated Analysis of ChIP-on-chip and Microarray Expression Data during 3T3-L1 Adipocyte Differentiation
P5-01 Atsushi Kasuya
Landscapes of Solubility and Metabolic Stability on Molecular Weight-Lipophilicity Maps
P6-01 Kazunari Iwamoto
Elucidation of the deregulation of G1/S transition induced by DNA-damage at late G1 phase