CBI Annual Meeting 2008

International Symposium on
Pathway/Network to Disease and Drug Discovery
-Specially Focused on Nuclear Receptors and Metabolic Syndrome
 Understanding diseases and discovering new drugs from pathways and networks are an emerging key concept in the biomedical and pharmaceutical science in the so called post genomic era. Relationships between diseases are being reinterpreted in molecular, i.e., genome-omics-pathway/network, language. Already many graduate level standard text books have been revised adapting to this situation. Nuclear receptors and metabolic syndrome, or the so called life style related diseases, are one of the most important and rapidly advancing interdisciplinary biomedical research area, where not only experimental methods but also informatics and computing methods are essential. The purpose of the meeting is to serve as catalyst for advancement of nuclear receptors and metabolic syndrome research connecting informatics and computing specialists to biomedical and drug discovery researchers. Focusing wide range of informatics and computing resources and man power on a particular area in biomedical research is an emerging strategy for combating such important health problem as cancer. NIH supported caBIGTM is such an example. The meeting will be a rare opportunity where informatics and computer specialists who are interested in biomedicine and drug discovery meet with cutting age wet research scientists to discuss possibility to apply their known methods in order to solve real biomedical problems, and think new innovative methods as well. Similar in silico methods considered this meeting will be relevant to other important disease areas as cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and immune disease.
Yasushi Okazaki M.D. & Ph.D.
(Saitama Medical University
Director of Research Center for Genomic Medicine)