Presentation of
commercial technology and products

    We cordially welcome private companies to give presentations of their commercial technology and products at the Annual Meeting of the CBI (Chem-Bio Informatics) Society that will be held at the Komaba Eminence Hotel and Halls in Tokyo, Japan, on 25-27 July 2001.


Contents and styles of presentation

   Technical presentations may cover bio- and info-technologies, such as (a) large scale molecular computing, QSAR, receptor-ligand binding models, (b) chem- and bio-informatics for drug design and toxicology research, and (c) genomic computing, information, and computing infrastructure. 

We will provide venues for three styles of presentations:

(1) Oral presentation in the scientific program.

(2) Exhibition/demonstration at a designated booth.

(3) Publication of an advertisement in the Abstract book of the Meeting.  


Oral presentation

   Platform presentations of new technology and commercial products are welcome.  Each company may have a 20-min presentation time on either July 25 or 26.  The date and order of your presentation will be acknowledged before the meeting.  As per your request, the organizing committee will prepare a digital projector, OHP, or ordinary 35-mm slide projector. If Internet accession will be needed, please contact with the organizing committee.  If you plan to make your presentation using a PC, the contents of your presentation should be sent beforehand to the organizing committee via e-mail, in order to minimize the time needed for the connection of the PC and the digital projector during the presentation. In that case, the Microsoft PowerPoint program should be used.



   Commercial products and technology may be exhibited at a booth for two days, i.e., July 25 thru 26. You may use panels and/or PCs for demonstration. The organizing committee will prepare your exhibition booth in the hall adjacent to the auditorium. Please contact the organizing committee with your information and/or special requests. 



Presentation of an advertisement in the Abstract book

   Your companyfs advertisement (one full-page size) will be published in the Abstract book.  Furthermore, we will list your company on the Web site of the CBI society and provide an Internet link with your companyfs home page.



The prices for the above-mentioned presentations are listed as follows:

Oral Presentation



Price for General

Price for Member Company




  \ 400,000

\ 300,000




 \ 300,000

\ 200,000




 \ 50,000

\ 30,000