Call and Instructions for Poster Presenters


Submission of Presentation Title

Except for some invited lectures, all general research presentations will be posters. If you want to apply for a presentation, please send us an e-mail specifying the title of your presentation, the number of the most appropriate discipline topic, names of authors and their affiliations, and the contact person's name, address, telephone number, fax, and e-mail address. 



Discipline Topics 

The discipline topics are classified as follows: 

1.Molecular Computing and its Applications,
2.Molecular Database, QSAR, and Receptor-Ligand Binding Models
3. Bioinformatics and Genomic Computing
4.Informational and Computing Infrastructure for Drug Design and Toxicology     Research,
5.Genomic Screening and Data Analyses
6. Emerging New Technologies.

Pure wet laboratory papers (laboratory results) will not be accepted. 


Deadline of Title Submission  

Registration term was extended.
  You can apply to the poster presentation, if a title and a summary could pass the examination and you would be able to send full papers by 22nd June.


Full Papers for the Proceedings 

The authors must submit two paper copies and send the text file by e-mail to  The submitted papers will be used for off-set printing the of Proceedings. 

The entire manuscript must be submitted on A4 (21.0×29.6 cm) paper with 2.5 cm margins 

on both top and bottom, left and right. Times New Roman font should be used in 14 point bold for the title and 12 point for the body.


Submission Deadline for Full Papers

Full papers must reach the Organization Secretariat ( ) no later than 22 June. Papers received after that may not be included in the Proceedings. 


Poster Presentation

Posters should be presented from noon on 25 July to noon on the 27th .  The presenter should stand by the poster to answer queries from 15:15p.m. to 16:45p.m. on 26 July. 


Publications for CBI Journal (sample pdf)

Qualified papers will be recommended for submission to the CBI Journal.


Registration form