Aim of Meeting


        In the 21st century, the availability of ever and fast increasing genome database information and its associated technologies, such as bioinformatics, functional genomics, and pharmacogenomics , as well as information and internet technologies (IT) is shifting our way of doing science, especially with regand to drug discovery and development research. It is of growing importance to establish an interdisciplinary platform by integrating the currently disparate research fields of chemistry, biology and informatics. The CBI Society has been unique in seeking this objective and providing discussion opportunities to research scientists from different disciplines, i.e., industry, academia, and governmental organizations.

        The Annual Meeting of the CBI Society will be held at the Komaba Eminence in Tokyo, Japan, on 25-27 July 2001. The Meeting topics will cover the areas of large scale molecular computing, QSAR, receptor-ligand binding models, bioinformatics and genomic computing, information and computing infrastructure for drug design and toxicology research, and emerging new bio- and info-technologies. The Meeting will consist of the following symposia, workshops, lectures and poster sessions as well as commercial technology and product presentations. Roughly 300-500 participants are expected to attend the meeting. We aim to make the Annual Meeting of the CBI Society one of the most influential scientific and technological meetings in Japan.

March 19, 2001

President      Yukio Tada
(Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

Organizing Committee   Toshihisa  Ishikawa
(Tokyo Institute of Technology)