Conference Program
Conference Program
July 24th (Monday)

9:30 Registration and information desk open
10:00 Open Remarks for Japanese Session
<Let's share and solve our common problems>
 Takashi Mizuma (Chairman of The 2006 Annual Meeting)
10:05 <Problem A>
Proposal:Hiroyuki Kusuhara((Univ. of Tokyo)
Answer: Motohiro Kato(Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)
10:35 <Problem B>
Proposal:Eiichiro Ichiishi(Tohoku University)
Answer: Shigeki Mitaku(Nagoya University)
Answer: Tomokazu Konishi(Akita Prefectural University)
11:30 <Problem C>
Proposal:Makoto Tsuruoka(Tokyo University of Technology)
11:35 <Problem D>
Proposal:Yoshihiro Mori(Okayama University of Science)
11:50 Opening Remarks
 Yukio Tada (President of The CBI Society)
12:00 Luncheon Seminor by ADVANCE SOFT
13:15 Opening Speech
 Takashi Mizuma (Chairman of The 2006 Annual Meeting)
13:30 Regular session 1 (Area 1 & 2)
<Keynote & Invited Talk>
S01 13:30-14:15
Kazuo Kitaura (AIST)
"Quantum Chemical Calculations of Binding Energy between Protein and Ligand"
Chairman: Tatsuya Nakano (NIHS)
S02 14:15-15:00
Masaki Tomimoto (SGX Pharmaceuticals Inc.)
"Fragment-based Drug Discovery: Concept and Example"
Chairman: Yuji Takaoka (Taisho Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.)
(15:00-15:30 Break)
S03 15:30-16:30
Ruben Abagyan (The Scripps Research Institute)
"Computational Structural Proteomics and Drug Discovery"
Chairman: Mayuko Takeda-Shitaka (Kitasato Univ.)
16:30 Poster Oral Session (6pers. x 5min)
Poster ID: P1-03, P1-06, P2-01
P2-02, P3-03, P3-09
Poster Session: Duty time(odds #)
July 25 (Tuesday)

9:00 Registration and information desk open
9:30 Annual theme session 1 (Wet study of ADMET)
 <Keynote & Invited Talk>
S04 9:30-10:30
Svein Oie (College of Pharmacy, Univ. of Georgia)
"Optimizing use of Pharmacokinetics and Toxicokinetics in Drug Discovery"
Chairman: Takashi Mizuma (Tokyo Univ. of Pharmacy and Life Science)
S05 10:30-11:15
Mitsuru Hashida (Kyoto Univ.)
"Development of DDS: Analysis and Control of Drug Disposition in the Body"
Chairman: Toshiharu Horie (Chiba Univ.)
S06 11:15-12:00
Atsushi Ono (National Institute of Biomedical Innovation)
"Current topics of toxicogenomics - Challenges on issues in Toxicogenomics Project -"
Chairman: Akihiko Hirose (NIHS)
12:00 Luncheon Seminor by Fujitsu
13:30 Regular session 2 (Area 3 & 4)
<Keynote & Invited Talk>
S07 13:30-14:30
Kyoung Tai No (Yonsei Univ.)
"Introduction of Integrated e-Drug Discovery System, Lead Explore"
Chairman: Akihiko Konagaya (RIKEN GSC)
S08 14:30-15:15
Shigehiko Kanaya (Nara Institute of Sci. & Tech.)
"KNApSAcK:Secondary metabolite database related between metabolites and species"
Chairman: Akihiko Konagaya (RIKEN GSC)
(15:15-15:45 Break)
S09 15:45-16:30
Sumi Yoshikawa (RIKEN GSC.)
"'Pharmaco-Ontology' and its Roles"
Chairman: Akihiko Konagaya (RIKEN GSC)
16:30 Poster Oral Session (6pers. x 5min)
Poster ID: P3-11, P4-02, P4-04
P5-07, P5-11, P5-16
17:00 Poster Session: Duty Time(even#)
18:00 Poster Award
July 26 (Wednesday)

9:00 Registration and information desk open
9:30 Annual theme session 2 (Dry study of ADMET)
<Keynote & Invited Talk>
S10 9:30-10:30
Sean Ekins(Arizona Commodity Traders, LLC & Univ. of Maryland)
"Combining Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships and Systems Biology Approaches for in silico ADME/Tox"
Chairman: Yasushi Okazaki (Saitama Med. Schl. Res. Ctr.)
S11 10:30-11:15
Edward H. Kerns (Wyeth Res.)
"Current Strategies for ADMET Integration to Enhance Efficiency and Quality in Drug Discovery"
Chairman: Fumiyoshi Yamashita (Kyoto Univ.)
S12 11:15-12:00
Kazuya Maeda (Univ. of Tokyo)
"In silico database, simulation and prediction for the optimization of pharmacokinetic properties of drug candidates"
Chairman: Takashi Mizuma (Tokyo Univ. of Pharmacy and Life Science)
12:00 Luncheon Seminor by Cerep Japan
13:30 Regular session 3 (Area 6 & 7)
<Keynote & Invited Talk>
S13 13:30-14:20
Akihiko Takano (National Institute of Informatics)
"Information Access based on Association"
Chairman: Yoshinori Harada (Hitachi, Ltd.)
S14 14:20-15:10
Asako Koike (Hitachi, Ltd.)
"Biomedical text mining: state of the art and future direction"
Chairman: Yoshinori Harada (Hitachi, Ltd.)
(15:10-15:25 Break)
S15 15:25-16:15
Teruhiko Yoshida (National Cancer Center Research Institute)
"Cancer Genomics: Chip, SNP, Database"
Chairman: Hiroshi Tanaka (Tokyo Med. Dent. Univ.)
S16 16:15-17:05
Kunio Shiota (Univ. of Tokyo)
"Application of Epigenetics on Development of Drugs"
Chairman: Takatoshi Kawai (Eisai Co.Ltd.)
Closing remarks