*** 199 CBIu ***


Ryan Baidyam (Biozak) uv|

From Bio-informatics to Business-informatics: driving force behind thebiobusiness Pharmaceutical and matured biotechnological companies' health largelydepends on innovative research. Innovative research driven by theutilization of vast information in all fields that are directly orindirectly related to the research activities. Presently magnitudeinformation in chemical databases alone is e80 (10 power 80). Finding asmall molecule from this pool that may bring $1billion revenue per year is adream for every bio-business. How does one make this dream come true? Finding a small molecule at theright time and incorporating that into a right system is the key to therealization of ones dream. A synergistic bridge between the pure researchinformation and business process information is a missing link during thisnew era of bio-revolution. This part of the seminar will focus on thissubject matter.