"Winace: the ACEDB genome database for Microsoft Windows '95/NT 4.0"

Richard Bruskiewich
Dept. of Medical Genetics, University of BC, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"A C. elegans database" (ACEDB) software is an essential central too l for the management of genomic mapping and sequencing data in the nematode genome project. Since its introduction several years ago by its principal a uthors, Dr. Jean Thierry-Mieg (CNRS-Montpellier, France) and Dr. Richard Dur bin (Sanger Centre, Hinxton, UK), the program has undergone an extensive gro wth in capacity and sophistication. In open collaboration with a worldwide community of developers and users, the program's functionality has been exte nded in diverse ways, the software adapted to several computing platforms an d databases constructed for many other biological datasets, including mappin g and sequence information in the human genome project.
This presentation will highlight the recent port of the ACEDB to the Microsoft Win32 operating systems Windows 95 and Windows NT, which is part o f the recent ACEDB release 4.5. I will also discuss other recent features o f ACEDB, including improved client/server and WWW functionality, and provide a brief overview of current work-in-progress.