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CBI Annual Meeting 2022
  Dates : October 25 (Tue) - 27 (Thu), 2022
Chairs : Conference Chairperson: Tsuneaki Sakata(Co-creation Bureau, Osaka University)
            Organizing Chairperson: Kaori Fukuzawa (Osaka University)
            Program Chairperson: Soichi Ogishima (DTohoku Medical Megabank Organization, Tohoku University)
CBI Journal Vol.23(2023) 7-13  online published on February 20, 2023
  "How Beneficial or Threatening is Artificial Intelligence?;
    Tatsuya TAKAGI
CBI Journal Vol.23(2023) 1-6  online published on January 13, 2023
  "Difficulties and prospects of data curation for ADME in silico modeling "
    Tsuyoshi Esaki, Kazuyoshi Ikeda
CBI Journal Vol.22(2022) 88-109  online published on December 29, 2022
  "Inference of genetic networks using random forests:Performance improvement using a new variable importance measure "
   Shuhei Kimura, Yahiro Takeda, Masato Tokuhisa,Mariko Okada
CBI Journal Vol.22(2022) 63-84  online published on October 31, 2022
  "Multiple Logistic Regression Modeling of Compound Class as Active or Inactive Against COX-2 and Prediction on Designed Coxib Derivatives and Similar Compoundss"
   Liza T.Billones, Alex C.Gonzaga
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