CBI Annual Meeting 2010

The CBI Annual Meeting has now finished!

"New Horizon for Chem-Bio Informatics"

Dates : September 15 (Wed)-17 (Fri), 2010
Venue : Hitotsubashi Memorial Hall
    National Center of Sciences Building
Chair : Yoshiro Nakata (Gunma University)


   Since 1981, the CBI Society has provided opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information among an interdisciplinary community of researchers interested in drug discovery and development as well as toxicity studies based on chemical and biological informatics and computing. The eventual goal of the Society is to build an information and computational infrastructure for drug discovery and development and toxicity studies in Japan. In keeping with this goal, the purpose of this year’s annual meeting is to review the 30 years history of these interdisciplinary areas in the context of the Society’s activities and discuss the Society’s roadmap toward the year 2040 by foreseeing what areas of change and progress may be coming in the next three decades. The plenary sessions will provide key-note lectures, mini-symposia, and special lectures, whereas oral and poster presentations will simultaneously be given in subsidiary session rooms. The plenary sessions cover such important topics as the impacts of Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing, relevance of supercomputers in drug discovery, impact of next-generation sequencers, relevance of Synthetic Biology (Stem Cell Biology and iPS Cells), development of rare and neglected disease drugs, progress of brain science, and progress of quantum mechanics particularly with respect to quantum information technology and quantum computers. The meeting will provide one of the most visionary scientific and technological venues available for a wide range of researchers in biomedical, pharmaceutical and informatics (IT) fields.

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