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**************** Best Poster ****************

P2-06 Misa Sayama
  Title: Ligand-Guided Approach to Validate Computational Hydrophobic Binding Pocket Models of Lipid GPCRs
  Author: Misa Sayama, Tomohiko Ohwada, Takatsugu Hirokawa, Sho Nakamura,
Sejin Jung, Masaya Ikubo, Yuko Otani

************* Excellent Poster *************

P1-05 Shota Uehara 
  Title: Incorporation of Water Displacement Effect into Scoring Functions for Protein-ligand Docking
  Author: Shota Uehara, Shigenori Tanaka
P2-02  Ryusuke Sawada
  Title: Target-based Drug Repositioning Using Large-scale Chemical-protein Interactome Data
  Author: Ryusuke Sawada, Hiroaki Iwata, Yoshihiro Yamanishi
P4-02  Atsuko Sato
  Title: The site of CYP3A4 metabolism prediction of tolterodine using MD and its application to compound design
  Author: Atsuko Sato, Hitomi Yuki, Chiduru Watanabe, Jun-ichi Saito, Teruki Homma 
P4-07 Yuki Asako
  Title: High-Performance Prediction for Estrogenic Compounds based on the Tox21 10K Compound Library
  Author: Yuki Asako, Yoshihiro Uesawa
Call for Posters
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       Please check your poster number, and see below for your duty-time.

You are invited to submit a proposal for the poster session
  Poster submission : May 7 - August 31, 2015
  *New deadline: September 15(Tue)
<Poster Presentation>
Dates October 26 (Mon) - 29 (Thu)
Place "Exhibition Hall" (1st floor)
Duty Time
Duty time October 27 (Tue) (1) 17:30-18:30 (odd#)
(2) 18:30-19:30 (even#)
*Poster presenters are requested to stand by the posters on the duty time.
Free time October 27 (Tue) 13:30-14:00, 15:30-16:00
  October 28 (Wed) 13:00-14:00, 15:30-16:00, 17:30-18:30
  October 29 (Thu) 13:30-15:30
Set-up time October 26 (Mon) : 16:00-18:00
October 27 (Tue) :  9:00-13:00
Board size 90cm(width) x 210cm(height)
Language Poster:English
Presentation: English (Also available in Japanese)
Poster Removal Please remove your poster by 16:00 after the poster session ends.
All materials left after the removal time will be disposed.
<Submission Instructions>
  1. You must complete registration before submitting an abstract (Presenter).
  2. Please select one of the following topics.
    1) Molecular recognition and molecular modeling
    Theoretical and computational studies on intermolecular interactions which govern biomolecular recognition
    2) In silico drug discovery
    Computational studies on drug development and related technologies
    3) Bioinformatics and its applications in medicine
    Development and application of bioinformatics methods in genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics for drug discovery and system modeling of human diseases
    4) Information and computational approach for drug design and ADMET study
    Dry and wet studies which focus on drug design and ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity) based on information and computational approach
    5) Emerging new technology
  3. Some of the accepted abstracts may be assigned to Oral presentation (Focused session) by Program Committee.
  4. Your abstract should be formatted according to the template which can be downloaded here and converted to a PDF file. (Please underline the name of presentator)
    Download  WORD template (>>template.doc)
     PDF sample (>>sample.pdf)
  5. Click on the [Poster Submission] button below.
  6. Notification to authors : (TBD)
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