The promotion of life- and pharmaceutical sciences by means of informatics is a goal common to three societies: Japanese Society for Bioinformatics (JSBi), Chem-Bio Informatics Society (CBI Society), and Japan Association for Omics-based Medicine (Omix). The steering committee members of these societies have been working together for years to provide a unified forum whereby researchers in different fields could communicate and exchange information.

  From 2012, the annual meetings of the three societies will be superseded by a "Joint Conference on Informatics in Biology, Medicine, and Pharmacology," and this year, these three societies will be joined by the following communities of younger researchers in co-organizing the largest-ever joint event: iGEM (student competition on synthetic biology), NGS Field, FMO research group, Japan Open Bioinformatics Research Group, Bioinformatics Wakate, Japanese Society for Quantitative Biology, SIG-Bio (IPSJ), SIG-MBI (JSAI), Molecular Robotics Research Group (SICE).

  The steering committees hope that this meta-event will energize interactions and communications across these different research fields, as exemplified by the event title "Information Technology to Unite Life and Medical Sciences." I hope that all participants can actually experience the energy of bioinformatics and enjoy this event to advance the interdisciplinary sciences in Japan.

Organizing Chair of Joint Conference on Informatics in Biology, Medicine and Pharmacology
Masanori Arita (The University of Tokyo, JSBi)